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Analogue: a Hate Story Play

A space salvage investigator is given the mission to locate an ancient Korean colony ship and download its log files. What that explorer discovers is a tale of tragedy, misogyny, and hate. Join me and Michael-777 for this dramatic visual novel.

Dedicated to Joe Palmer (Alwyn2112) for showing me this lovely game.

Analogue: Hate Plus Play

It's the sequel to Analogue: a Hate Story. With me is Joe Palmer from the Walfas Club and we tackle the "impossible" harem route. Find other channels for the solo Hyun-ae or Mute routes.

To the Moon Play

A beautiful, emotional game about a dying man, his desire to go to the moon, how he gets there, and what must happen for that to occur.

Guest starring my friend Michael-777 from DeviantArt as co-commentator. You can thank him for this playthrough being possible.

Pokemon Crystal Play

Gen 2 Pokemon this time. Walfas members and familiar faces from Arcadia and Organized Chaos join me for this journey.

Pokemon Yellow Play

I loved Pokemon as a kid. So I'm sharing this classic game with all of you, and with my friends at the Walfas Club from DeviantArt. It's Gen 1 Pokemon, using the team Ash/Red will turn on you in Gen 4.

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