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Christopher Horton

Joe's Car Rants and Cruisin' with Chris Play

A collection of all the videos my cousin Joe and I collaborated on for his webshow.

Let's Play Super Mario 64 DS guest commentary episodes Play

These are the videos in JoeTheSmashBro's Let's Play Super Mario 64 DS series that have me as a guest commentator in them. These are my first YouTube videos in which you can hear me talking.

Precise Pangolin Development Stuff Play

A series of videos showing Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin at its various stages of development, starting at Alpha 1 and leading up to its final release. New videos were added to this playlist as major new features and milestones were released. Watch this if you are curious as to how 12.04 grew up into the release we know and love today.

GNOME Shell Development Stuff Play

A playlist of all the videos I made while watching the development of GNOME Shell prior to 3.0. The Shell was compiled from scratch on Ubuntu 10.10 in each of these videos, as I was tracking its progress over time.
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