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Welcome to my iClone Channel!

2,815 views 1 year ago
Welcome to my channel devoted to the realtime animation of Reallusion's iClone. My techniques are developed to save time and be as simple as possible to create realtime animation like you never thought possible at home, work or for commercial purposes.

I am a long time user of iClone and the author of the iClone Beginners Guide by PACKT Publishing, a Certified Content Developer and author of eleven whitepapers for the Reallusion Developers Center. I have been chosen and highlighted three times by Reallusion as a Featured Developer and am an iClone Certified Director and Trainer. Show less
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  • Launch Test

    Using iClone as the engine with Daz and iClone assets for a launch bay sequence. The only post work on this is editing and sound effects. This ship will be used in the debris field instead of the N...
  • Debris Field Test

    A test of a debris field. No compositing. All objects including the ship mesh are in iClone Pro 64 bit. PC handles it with no problems. The multi-duplicate feature makes this an easy task. The 64 b...
  • Demo - iClone Characters and Animals in Unity 3D

    Bits and pieces of various projects, renders and pre-vizs created with Unity 3D using iClone for the characters and animals. Animations (except camera) were done in iClone too.
  • Night City Unity/iClone Test Scene

    A Unity scene with an iClone animated character. A short test to see the final results of the shaders and effects used. This is a powerful combination of tools with fast results. Used FRAPS to capt...
  • African Pirate zBrush to Max to iClone

    Continuing on the pirate theme using zBrush to create simple clothing and jewelry then the character mesh is dumped into Studio Max. Weighting the jawbone to the mesh is shown to give a brief demo ...
  • Female Pirate - zBrush to iClone

    Another character in the Pirate Motif. Simple clothing, hair and accessory creation using a handful of the many brushes available.

    DoRag & Hair: 0:37
    Texturing: 4:36
    iClone Demo: 5:35
iClone tutorial and How To videos from the author of the iClone Beginners Guide, PACKT Publishing.
My animated realtime short film projects from the early days of The Movies to iClone. The Sniper and Ode to the Visual were chosen as screeners at two subsequent Machinima-Expos.
  • Ode to the Visual

    A animated journey of art inspired by the rantings of Peter Greenaway. Is art visual, a narrative, both or neither?

    This piece was rendered with the iClone 5 Toon render trying to achieve a 196...
  • Air Duel

    A short dogfight demonstrating the new capabilities of iClone 5 including Toon Render and MoCap for the Pilots. The Pilot motion was captured sitting in a chair playing pilot! Not gonna say whether...
  • A Very Vader Christmas

    This is the result of what happens when a 3D animator gets bored... should be working on something else... but instead makes something totally worthless then posts it for the world to see.

    Not tak...
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Opening - PreViz iClone Demo

    Based very loosely on the first minutes of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, including the soundtrack from the movie. Not a copy of the actual scenes but instead an adaptation of the opening creat...
  • A Bump in the Night

    Created for and screened at Chris62's Halloween Horror Film Festival at TMUTheater.com on Halloween night. A great festival with lots of cool flicks. A man visits his isolated country home for the...
  • The Outland - Freeport 7 Promo

    This is a promo for a pilot episode that is premiering February 15th at http://www.tmutheater.com. The full video will available here and at www.tmunderground.com after the premier. Created in iClo...
  • Animating in Realtime with iClone - Episode 1

    • 5 days ago
    Welcome to the first episode of Animating in Realtime with iClone. This 15 minute show features email questions, how to create an animated prop in Studio Max (boned and skinned) and other iClone re...
  • Backyard Studio Pond

    • 2 weeks ago
    This video highlights the aesthetic qualities of the pond project showing the waterfall and pond along with the Koi and Butterfly Koi that now inhabit it.

    There are still a few items to finish suc...
  • Backyard Studio Pond Project

    • 2 weeks ago
    Moving in the building orphaned a section of yard that was difficult to get to with a mower so it was decide to place a pond there. This is a total do it yourself project headed by my stepson Zac W...
  • CrazyTalk Animator 2 Character to Unity 2D

    • 2 weeks ago
    Generating easy characters and motions with CrazyTalk Animator 2 for use in Unity 2D games. Shows how to export the images and create sprite sheets to be used as a game character. Also shows how to...
  • Backyard Studio - Start to Finish

    • 1 month ago
    The finished version of the studio. The building is 12 X 24 wired with outlets on every other stud and finished with tongue and groove woodwork. One of the reasons for the size was budget so the s...
  • WarLord's Land Shark Character Freebie

    • 2 months ago
    Created as a joke and in very little time... this zBrush take-off on the land shark character is now available for use. It's far from perfect but works with most iClone motions and does a fair job ...
  • Lumion Demo

    • 2 years ago
    Spent several hours working with the free version of Lumion which was a real treat. A very easy program to grasp but the drawback to me was the slow rendering time of the high quality render settin...
  • Crazy Talk Animator Demo

    • 3 years ago
    Finally got time to play around with Crazy Talk Animator. Very interesting program. Very enjoyable.

    Outland Commander - Voiced by K4 aka Tinman
    Valley Girl - Written and voiced by Shirley Martin a...
  • iClone in the Pipeline

    • 2 years ago
    A Post Magazine exclusive tutorial on using iClone in the production pipeline with Studio Max and After Effects.

  • Animated iClone Character Import to Unity 3D

    • 10 months ago
    Quick tutorial covering the animation of a character in iClone with the Motion Puppet and Motion Editor. Then with the click of a button in iClone the character is transported to 3DXchange Pipeline...
  • Daz to iClone with 3DXchange 5

    • 2 years ago
    Converting mostly non-Genesis Daz characters to iClone non-standard character which is compatible with iClone motions and MotionPuppet.
  • Daz Genesis to iClone

    • 1 year ago
    Body and Face mapping with the DAZ Genesis character for use in iClone.
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