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Bobby Yarsulik

"Broken Inside" by Bobby Yarsulik

1,297 views 2 months ago
Guess what guys.... A NEW SONG! What what.

Enjoy... I've been trying to spend more time on one thing at a time.

Much love to all, and thanks for sticking around and listening!

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"Broken Inside" by Bobby Yarsulik

v1: Why can't you see what I see inside of you
I see it all through the day to day
You never seem to realize what's behind those eyes...
Well let me show you why...

Pre: You've been told all your life
that you're broken inside
that you're not good enough for anyone
Don't let 'em tell you, cuz that is not true
and everything you hold inside is beautiful

v2: Just wait until they see what you've become
they won't even recognize you
You'll fill a room with energy, just wait and see...
And let me show you why...


CHORUS: Just let 'em say what they're gonna say x2
They're not gonna break you x2

v3: Do you now realize what you have inside
it hasn't changed at all, you're the same person, but...


BRIDGE (x2): You're broken inside, you're balled-up and you're hiding
Why won't you be yourself, cuz you are beautiful
I'm telling the truth, ask anyone but you
Just open up your heart, cuz it is beautiful

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