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What is Stream?

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Stream is the WPP Unconference. Each year, WPP invites 300 industry leaders, drawn from brands, technology companies and agencies, to come together for three days in small coastal outposts. The purpose? To learn from, and contribute to, the freshest thinking around the future of technology and communications.

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"The Bilderberg of advertising" The Guardian
"The antidote to the formally programmed conference" WIRED Magazine

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This years WPP Unconference, held in the glorious Turkish coastal resort of Antalya.

There are no keynote presentations, no panel discussions and no 'networking breaks'. Instead, we invite 350 speaker-quality guests to join us in a scenic, but basic, hotel for three days of discussions and debate.

With over one hundred Discussion sessions, Ignite talks (15 slides in 15 seconds), a Dragon's Den for social good, a gadget show, a tech lab, digital art, cooking, sport, film screenings and more.

Here are some of this year's highlights.
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