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Wisconsin Media Lab

Wisconsin's Home For Teachers

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Wisconsin Media Lab curates cost-free K-12 public media content. Our award-winning classroom resources align to academic standards and span all curricular areas. http://WIMediaLab.org Show less
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The Ways Play

The Ways is a series of stories exploring Native culture and language from communities around the central Great Lakes.

More stories at http://theways.org

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Wisconsin Biographies Play

Wisconsin's history is filled with rich and vibrant characters whose contributions to society extend beyond the borders of the state and continue to resonate today. These short animated videos tell their stories.

The Wisconsin Biographies website features additional resources including:
• Short text biographies of each individual at three reading levels (print and ebook)
• Image gallery with historic photos and documents
• Trading Card interactive for student writing activities
• Teaching tips tied to academic standards in Social Studies and English Language Arts


Global Wisconsin Play

Designed to encourage school districts to develop programs focused on the importance of understanding cultural differences and issues, and the impact it will have on students' future success—Global Wisconsin makes the case that international education is both essential to students and easily integrated into current teaching practices.

Learn more at http://www.wimedialab.org/global
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