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#HollywoodREBEL goes "Haywire"

284 views 7 months ago
WARNING: violence, vulgar language, blood, underwear & drugs are depicted in these scenes from this 2001/2003 indie flick.

This is rough cut footage from Homerun Entertainment's #indie film Haywire, formerly known as "A Guy, A Girl and A Gun!" I played the lead "Roy Manzetti".

The movie was initially made to prove the old theory that you can make any story work on film if you have 3 essentials. (see original title) ;) This cut has unpolished audio and effects and only a little bit of sfx. It was rushed to meet a film festival deadline.

To this day I still have not seen the finished product, but this was given to me as part of our deal for my time. They own the copyright and the publishing. I'm authorized to promote my efforts in it after 5 years time. I waited 10 1/2. :)

Written and directed by David Manocchio from Homerun Entertainment and produced by Johnny Wu, among a GANG of other OHIO talent...the whole film IN THIS condition sold out 2 screens at the Cleveland's International Film Festival. So that no one would be turned away, they even opened up an additional screening thanks to popular demand. I WAS amazed; Blown away by the support from the film fan community of Ohio. :)

Everyone involved in this production rocked and are mentioned at the start and end of this video. We included the credits to the film to keep their names alive!
After all, they #SupportCreativity!

((foot notes))

From music industry vets, well known filmmakers holding the cams and popular city hot spots, to Rob Lowe's stunt double from Cleveland, Ohio in a full acting role...this indie gig has a lot of hidden jewels in it for people who love Ohio. Thanks to David Manocchio's hard work and the film fest supporting indie film, we were placed in the category of the festival program titled: "Local Heroes" and it was a great experience.

Thanks to Ray Calabrese, David, Jaime and the whole team of artists involved. #GoodTimes Show less
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