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The Lair of Voltaire

Voltaire Video Nooseletter- July 2014

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Aurelio Voltaire - Riding a Black Unicorn WHOLE ALBUM - OFFICIAL Play

Here you can listen to all of the songs from Voltaire's album: Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children.

Aurelio Voltaire - BiTrektual WHOLE ALBUM - OFFICIAL Play

Hear all of my album, BiTrektual - a collection of bawdy Star Trek and Star Wars parody songs right here! Live long and may the Force be with you!
Aurelio Voltaire

Voltaire - Boo Hoo WHOLE ALBUM - OFFICIAL Play

My third full length, CD, Boo Hoo was released in 2002 by Projekt records. Simply put, it's a break up record. I was going through the worst break up of my life and this album is the result. Although, it's interesting to note that as the album progresses and I accept my fate, the songs turn from bitterness and sorrow and self loathing to being rebellious and spirited as I embrace the things about me that caused the break up (irresponsibility and a love of the macabre) as essential elements in who I am. I hope you enjoy the album!

Voltaire - Cave Canem Demos WHOLE ALBUM - OFFICIAL Play

These are early versions of my songs that were recorded for a demo cassette that I sold at my early shows and sent to record labels. A few years after recording these songs, I was signed to Projekt records ( in 1998) and most of these songs were re-recorded for my first album "The Devi's Bris". I hope you enjoy hearing the early versions of these songs!

Voltaire with The Oddz WHOLE EP - OFFICIAL Play

Once upon a time, I had a side project called The Oddz. The idea was to make like the kind that I loved growing up in the 80s. We recorded a track for an album about Neil Gaiman's work and we released a maxi single, but the full album never saw the light of day as I was falling further and further behind on other obligations (a book, a graphic novel and my album Ooky Spooky to name a few). Something had to go and unfortunately, it was The Oddz. Maybe some day I will get to finally finish the full album we started.
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