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Visit Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Music Video - "The Crown"

53,578 views 1 year ago
Biniyam, Bentality, Stella, Noah Kin - The Crown

The music video has been produced in co-operation with Helsinki City Tourist & Convention Bureau and Bass Camp project.


I see the city, see the city breathing infront of me / vision the city pigeons, they flying over me / coast to coast, flowting coastal / so soulful, food for the soul, soul food, I'm so full / It's all grapes, I'm on the road Jack / see the black superman, now instagram that / take a photo, elegant / never mind the cold, that's irrelevant / vision it like television threw my eyes, look / this place will never be televised, look / we some fisherman, hook
anybody/ living beautiful, Stadi /

This city is small but its heart is big / its giving us love with all its gifts / no matter who u are, we all can mix / vibration = positive / helsinki keep rocking it,doing what we do and loving it / go downtown and dance the clock around/ or up north / real outdoors / oh laaaaaaaawd!!! / the spirit of the east coast and also, nice boats / round here feel blessed all the way to the west visit us? be my guest!!

Bright lights and train tracks / the night light's the state of mind so wave back / my city been here since way back, never rocked wave caps / long night ahead - easy to wave cabs / home of design 2-0-1-2 / modern adventure, the place to come to / easy to move around / let's your ears feast on the sound / of the city that lives through the population / head of the nation, the capital - the next station / on your road to discovering
true bliss / helsinki the city that run this ish /

not too far and not too near / the summer sky is so clear / beautiful when the snow comes falling down / so get over here / make your worries disappear / helsinki wears
the crown

Director: Taito Kawata / Cocoa
Executive Producer: Ville Tikkanen
Dop: Johan Wasicki
Lights & Grip: Lauri Tuura
Track by Palmroth Music, Stella Kylä-Liuhala, Biniyam Schelling, Noah Kin, Benjamin Paavilainen
Mix and Master by Markedman

Production: Bounce And Render 2013
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