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BRING ME THE HORIZON Official playlist Play

A collection of ALL the official videos for Bring Me The Horizon, ever since their debut EP released in 2006.

There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret [2010]:
- It Never Ends

Suicide Season [2008]:
- The Comedown
- Chelsea Smile
- Diamonds Aren't Forever
- The Sadness Will Never End

Count Your Blessings [2006]:
- Pray For Plagues
- For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only (Braille)

This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For (EP) [2006]:
- Traitors Never Play Hang-Man

LOSTPROPHETS Official playlist Play

Contains all the following official music videos spanning Lostprophets' 10 year career, as well as a collection of live videos, making ofs, interviews, etc.

The Betrayed [2010]:
- It's Not The End Of The World
- Where We Belong
- For He's A Jolly Good Felon
- For He's A Jolly Good Felon (full-length cinematic version)

Liberation Transmission [2006]:
- Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
- A Town Called Hypocrisy
- Can't Catch Tomorrow
- 4:AM Forever

Start Something [2004]:
- Burn Burn
- Last Train Home
- Wake Up (Make A Move)
- Last Summer

TheFakeSoundOfProgress [2001]:
- Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja
- The Fake Sound Of Progress
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