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Sunset Classics

Rare 1971 VW Thing for Sale! Pre-73 VW Thing

3,894 views 1 year ago
Visit http://www.sunsetclassics.c... to see this rare 1971 VW Thing for sale from Sunset Classics in Minneapolis MN.

As many of you may know, VW only imported the VW Thing into the United States in 1973 and 1974. A limited number of VW Things were produced in earlier years however, and this is your chance to own the rarest of the rare in the VW Thing World.

This 1971 VW Thing is different from the more common (though still rare) 1973-1974 models in several ways. The most notable difference in this model is the rear tail lights are positioned just above the rear bumper. This is the factory position for such an early model thing. (The tail lights however should be the same style as found an a 1968-1970 bus.) Other differences found on this early example are the speedometer is in Km/hr, the wiper switch is on the dash verses the steering column, and the front hood release lever is located just below the glove box verses inside the glove box. If you want a VW Thing that stands out even at a VW Thing gathering, this one fits the bill.

Take a look at the full description at the link above as well as detailed photo gallery, then give me a call to make an offer.

John Snell

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