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Vintage Guitars and Gear

VINTAGE GUITARS & GEAR - An Introduction

636 views 9 months ago
Hi and welcome to Vintage Guitars & Gear!
I'm Oliver, a Jazz guitarist who is running a little Jazz club in Cologne, Germany. At this channel, you find a lot of videos about vintage guitars, mostly Gibsons. The concept was combining "demo videos" and "live recordings". Watching live videos I often thought "Great playing - I wish I knew how he created that sound". But with most live recordings, you don't get that information.

That's what I'm doing here: High quality live recordings with all the info about everything that was involved in the chain. From the guitar over the PUs and strings to the FXs, the amp and the speakers - you'll learn exactly what was used.

I'm hosting a monthly show with a wonderful audience and changing musicians. The videos are taken by iPhones, but the audio recording is a professional 24 track recording that we're synchronizing with the videos.

And: My videos are getting more complete over the years since so many guitarists have asked questions that I didn't think of before.

Thanks for making this channel so interactive and fun! Show less
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1967 Gibson L5 Archtop w/Pat# PUs Play

1962 and 1967 Gibson ES-330 Play

Live recordings from our monthly Jazz show - all played on Gibson ES-330s

1969 ES150 Stoptail Conversion Play

This ES150 is my special conversion. It has some ES330 features, yet some 335 or 175 ones. It's as thick as a jazz guitar but has a 1-piece mahogany neck. It has a 335 scale but a P90 in the neck position, reminding me of an ES5. And I had it converted to a stop tailpiece.

P90 Gibsons Play

Videos demonstrating various vintage Gibson guitars with P90 pickups.

PAF & Pat# Gibsons Play

Videos demonstrating various vintage Gibson guitars with humbucking pickups (PAF or Pat# sticker).
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