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#ViennaFunFacts -- and what do YOU know about Vienna?

17,189 views 2 months ago
Click here to submit your #ViennaFunFacts and win a trip to Vienna: http://funfacts.vienna.info

In the campaign #ViennaFunFacts we follow Pippilotta on her special journey of discovery through Vienna. She wants to picque our curiosity for seemingly useless knowledge, for fun facts and Viennese myths.

On Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or YouTube, everyone can submit their true, assumed (or wrong!) #ViennaFunFacts, and other users can vote if it's true or not. A jury of Vienna experts will reward the best ideas with books and selected giveaways. The main prize is a trip to Vienna, or a smartphone-attacheable camera.

Find more info at http://funfacts.vienna.info

Copyright: Vienna Tourist Board. All rights reserved.
Direction/Editing: Thomas Draschan http://www.draschan.com/
Camera: Harald Staudach
Production: Freie Digitale http://www.freiedigitale.at/
Actress: Pippilotta Staudach
Sound: Tobias Oliver http://www.superdisko.com/ Show less
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