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VideoSpaceFX Star Trek Compilation

1,156 views 2 weeks ago
VideoSpaceFX compilation featuring shots from several videos created 2010-2013.

The videos vary in resolution so the video quality jumps around a bit.


Music by Jerry Goldsmith

3D models:

Valkyrie by Raul Mamoru

Enterprise Refit by Dennis Bailey

Enterprise-C by Scifi-Art

McKinley Station by Eric Peterson

Star Trek V Shuttle by H Gibbens

Constellation class and Ferengi vessel by Cyrille 'Tachy' Lefevre

Bridge & Engineering interiors by Wil Jaspers

Botany Bay, K'Tinga & TOS Enterprise by Prologic9
Conversions by David "KnightRider" Metlesits

TMP Drydock by Prologic9 & H Gibbens

Oberth-Fisher class by Robert J. Willson aka xfozzboute

Soyuz class by David "KnightRider" Metlesits

Generations Dock by Nico Weigand

Valiant by VideoSpaceFX

Workbee by H Gibbens

Vmelak Warbird & Cheyenne class by LC Amaral


Made purely for non-profit purposes. STAR TREK is a registered trademark of CBS/Paramount Pictures etc. No infringement intended. Show less
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