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Ronnie Bincer

How do I start a Hangout on Air? Best practices after Feb 2014

Learn How to Start a HOA (Hangout on Air) Best Practices since February 2014 - easily find more via http://www.Google.com/+Ronn...
It is no secret that things change a lot here on Google Plus... come learn the latest suggested way to start up a Live HOA Broadcast.

This live training event will take you step-by-step through the process for setting up and starting your own Hangout on Air (HOA) using Google Plus and the Hangouts Menu.

There are other ways as well, but this one is the way that Google is wanting us to use, so I'll treat it as the 'best way' to start things up for now. Things have recently changed to make this method better than it was before for marketing your HOA Event.

This training event will go through the steps you'll need to take to get going and after the slides have been shown there will be some time for Q&A. *Invite your friends* and leave questions in the comments for us to address... We'll get to them if they relate to the Hangouts menu method we'll be covering here.

Find out much more about Hangouts and HOA by becoming a part of the Hangout Mastery membership group. Details here http://www.bit.ly/HangoutMa... Show less
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Getting Started with Hangouts Play

Check out this collection of videos to help you get started with Google Plus Hangouts and HOA - Hangouts on Air. This magical communication tool will change your world. You can meet privately via video calls or turn your video session into a Live Broadcast that the entire world can see... the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
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