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Amy Erin Borovoy

Five-Minute Film Festival: Tech Tools to Enhance Videos for Learning Play

It's no secret that I am a passionate advocate for using video in the classroom. When used well, videos can help students make connections to people and ideas beyond their usual frame of reference. That's why I've been really excited to see a wave of new (and mostly free or low-cost!) tech tools in the past year that allow teachers to take favorite clips and make them more valuable for classroom use. I've gathered a list of these powerful tools below. Whether you use videos to flip your classroom or you just appreciate the power of video to engage kids, maybe one of these tools will help you bring educational video to the next level in 2014!

The Power of Assistive Technology Play

Of the many ways that technology enhances our lives, one compelling example is assistive technology (AT) -- tools to help people with learning or motor disabilities complete everyday tasks. In schools, assistive tech can mean the difference between a student falling behind or being able to successfully work alongside other kids in an inclusion model. I wanted to share some amazing videos I've found about how technology can empower kids with special needs. More resources here: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/film-festival-assistive-technol­ogy

Best EDU Parodies of 2013 Play

I can't believe it's already the end of the year again and time for all the wrap-ups and best-ofs you can stomach. Among my favorites each year are Google's get-the-Kleenex Zeitgeist and YouTube's Rewind -- which is like the most meta-parody-mashup video you can imagine. I had a blast putting together the Best Education Parodies of 2012, so I thought I'd do it again for 2013. I hope this list gives you a few belly laughs, not too many obnoxious ear-worms, and a sprinkling of good ideas for fun student projects in the new year. More resources for teaching with parody at http://www.edutopia.org/blog/film-festival-education-parodie­s-mashups-2013.

Online Fundraising for Educators Play

Move over, bake sales. It's a brand new year, and time to start thinking big about how to use the Web to fund new projects or get gear for your classroom. Edutopia has just released an amazingly useful downloadable guide to crowdfunding (find it here: http://www.edutopia.org/crowdfunding-fundraising-resource-gu­ide), and to dovetail with that, here are nine ideas on how to raise money online and follow those classroom dreams. If, like many teachers, you have great ideas but no resources to carry them out, then this list will be a jackpot for you. The season of giving and generosity might not be over yet! More resources at http://www.edutopia.org/blog/film-fest-digital-fundraising-c­rowdfunding-resources
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