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The Intuitive Artist

RETURN TO SOURCE-DIVINE UNION (Mystical Quantum Healing Meditation for DNA Activation&Bioregenesis)

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Mystical Quantum Healing Art, Music, and Video
Created, Composed, and Performed by
Maria Celeste Garcia (a.k.a. VelAja TalaLei)
© 2011 All Rights Reserved


*Meditational Mantra:*

"I Am Coming Home."
"I Am Home."
"I Am Free."
"I Am One With Source."


***Important Information:***

This Mystical Quantum Healing Composition Contains Potent Cosmic Ascension Frequencies and Alchemically Balanced (reflecting the Divine
Cosmic Hermetic Laws expressed by the Celestial Music of the Spheres), and Divinely Infused with the Essences of 'The Eternal NOW', 'Soul Mastery', and 'Rapture' facilitating and supporting our Sacred Journey Towards Divine Union while still living on the Earth Plane all according to the Divine Plan of
Creation and Divine Living Vision of Our God-Source, The Infinite Source Of All That Is.

Mystical Quantum Healing pertains to the Sacred Modality which taps directly into and draws healing from 'Akasha' (i.e. the Divine Primal Basis and Essence of All of Creation) for Spirit to be grounded in the Soul, Mind and Body in order to make the needed changes and transmutations at the Quantum particle and field levels (which embody the 'Essence' level of the entire individuated being and organism, that is, the 'Human Being' : made up of both
Matter and Spirit, as well as all the quintessential elements of the Universe i.e. the microcosm of the macrocosm). The art, music, verses, and the overall sacred divine frequency herein are divinely designed and intended to promote the synergistic healing of systems on all levels of the human condition.

Those who sincerely seek this form of healing and resonate with the Sacred Tonal and Color Frequencies herein will immediately see and feel a deep sense of connectedness with All Life and the Uncondtional Love of The Source with a deep recognition of One's True Eternal HOME. The Ones
who would benefit from this Mystical Quantum Healing Creation likewise become natural transmitters of the same Divine frequency upon interaction with another, thus helping in the promotion and facilitation of Well-Being and
Spiritual Awakening for resonating individuals and groups. This is part of the newer set of Spiritual Healing Tools revealed and made available at an unprecedented manner and flow through Grace and Divine Intervention at
this time of Great Shifts of Consciousness.

This Video is part of the "Project Seraph Healing Love Encodement Series", also known as "The Seraphim Project 2012-2027" geared towards the awakening, healing and empowerment of Starseeds, Angelics, Indigos, Crystals, and Our Human Family on the Conscious Spiritual Path towards Divine Union.

Made up of woven Sacred Higher Light and Sound Frequency dynamic codes, the Divine Vibrational Living Expression in this meditational video aims to Activate and Heal DNA (Genetic Soul, Mind and Body Codes), promoting bioregenesis and optimization of Human Potential for those of us who are called to awaken at this time of Great Shifts of Consciousness to our Highest Divine Expression, individually and as a race, all in accordance with the
Divine Plan of Creation and Divine Living Vision of Our God-Source, The Infinite Source Of All That Is.

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To One And All...

It is truly an honor and I'm filled with gratitude to be able to present these gifts from Infinite Source through the loving embrace of the Seraphim and the guidance of the Ascended Mastery Realms. Sometimes, I find myself teary eyed with so much indescribable feelings when I meditate on these gifts, as they do have a very powerful way of opening the heart center and freeing the mind of things that no longer serve our highest good and greatest joy.

I have been made aware that it is similar to the holy relics that have been given to Humanity as a source of Grace to powerfully facilitate the clearing lifetime after lifetime of debris that have collected around the soul.

It is given as a gift for this special time in the history of humanity on earth, when a grand cosmic cycle is about to end and a new one about to begin. I have been made aware that this is the time when dreams and wishes come true as our consciousness, individually and as a collective come closest to the Galactic Center, which is where the "Heart" of the Great Infinite Mother is situated, and where all that is not bringing us joy can be released and we can start afresh in creating and building the reality that we want.

2012 is the point where our collective consciousness as the Human Species on Earth at this time, have focused and agreed to experience together as one, the Beginning of the next and last level of the evolution of Humanity on this planet, which is towards that actual manifestation of Heaven on Earth as a collective (as one Human Family) It may take several decades to a few centuries for it to be fully manifested, but this is the beginning and we are at an important juncture in the unfoldment of Divine Plan for this Cosmos.

I am being made aware that our "job" and consequently our "joy" is to BE our authentic selves from the heart, and DO what it is that moves us to Love. Doing so, we put forth our highest Divine Expression to fully play our perfect part in the perfect Cosmic Dance dynamically being woven according to the Harmonious templates of Creation of the Universe supported by Spirit with the Divine Plan of the Infinite Source.

~ Maria Celeste Garcia (VelAja TalaLei) ~

(Of The Source, At One With The Source, In Service To Infinite Source)

(light language decoded April 25, 2011 11:44 pm CST)
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