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D She

Venomous2000 - Light Beings (produced by Nhu-Rha, cuts by Chinch 33) [Official Music Video]

1,005 views 7 months ago
Venomous2000 returns with some new flavor and visuals for his latest single, Light Beings, produced by Norway producer Nhu-Rha with featured cuts by Chinch 33.
This soulful, lyrical masterpiece is sure to make heads nod! A Moment To Reflect III will be available early 2014. Stay tuned.
DOWNLOAD THE TRACK HERE: https://venomous2000.bandca...
Turn the lights on ready to rock with my mic on.

Peace the first session, verse sketching from jump, when punks jump up, that's when the v could lift it up
Like the Masters on the hunt, you get body rocked sleeping....it's a mic revolution
Like Immortal Techniquing
Freaking more than ya brain out, this Wayne house like Batman, penetrate the waves of ya mind just like a Catscan
Gave away my Tascam, V is just a Blackman, hold up, see I could throw up all of the facts fam!!!
Came into the universe to shine light foremost! A vessel being used to translate what the All wrote
Orally smoke, any artichoke grilling got letters by the million, like a man with 7 children
Being pestered by the state, sun we levitate the Garden, the judge trying to charge me with certified Arson!
So if I'm missing like the children on the carton, then I'm probably laying low until the boom bap starting!!!

Through the doorway, I'm shipping this to Norway! The raw way!!! Body out working but my mind up in it all day
Astral projecting, mis directing, disrespecting silly lames who come testing they could use a spit lesson
Say Nhu...yo sounds like Heru.....that's my counterpart. My style of art be defined right around the heart....
Flower of the Ark. It Took years for us to build it, sword out the stone Excalibur being wielded
Its the Realness....My Core's mega, the raw wrecker, thought checker, my family Addam like uncle Fester.
Meaning we do it from the atom to the start, from the studio to park, you get played like harps!
Plucked around with the sounds of course....I get busy! You unaware so take the time to get privy
Cause really the Sun Vinny be a world advisory! just need a pen, plus the pad and some privacy. ... Show less
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