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  • One Day = $720 Million

    Visit http://www.afsc.org/cost to tell Congress how you want your tax dollars spent. The Iraq war has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of U.S. military personnel. It...
  • Bravo! Excellent work. Thanks for putting this out for others to see.

    powers of bush

    president bush animated by thousands of images found with a google image search of his state of the union speech which turned up killed and wounded soldiers, abu ghraib, the administration, militar...
  • Superman

    Chris Newcomb sings his song Superman at the North Star Cafe, Portland, Maine. Jan 2008. sponsored by M.O.O.S.E. (Maine Organization of Storytelling Enthusiasts.) Matt Young accompanies with gui...
  • The Young Man Who Found The End Of The Earth

    Chris Newcomb tells a WONDERFUL tale of The Young Man Who Found The End of The Earth. Featured storyteller at The North Star Cafe in Portland, Maine Jan 2008. Sponsored by M.O.O.S.E. (Maine Organi...
  • The Spinners (an excerpt)

    A 1 minute excerpt from my story "The Spinners" a very clever people who think that if they can spin the earth a little faster, they can get to spring just a little sooner . . .
  • "Bigger Faster", a song by Chris Newcomb

    After seeing a bright yellow Hummer in a parking lot with a license plate that read: "BGR S BTR" (Bigger is Better) I had to write a song. I perform it with my friend Matt Young on episode #28 of ...
  • Say No Augusta

    Anti-war Rally in Augusta Maine, Oct 2002. 2600 people marched in the rain. Feature: This Aint No Peace Song, by Ethan Miller.
  • Drag Queen Emergency Repair Crew

    Halloween 2000, Commercial Street, Provincetown Mass, everyone's in costume! Drag Queens everywhere. Out of nowhere arrive 6 sexy men dressed in wrok uniforms as Drag Queen Emergency Repair Crew,...
  • I dig this video. tho: scientists once proved that the earth was the center of everything. and it looks that way.

    but we found out that wasn't true. yet, if there is infinity- then from where I sit, everything goes on infinitely in all directions, thus I AM at the center of the universe.

    The best optical illusion in the world!

    You may have been looking at this illusion your entire life, but you haven't been able to "see" it! This short video shows you the best optical illusion in the world!

    More information: http://wh...
  • Yea for snow!!!

    christmas snow

    christmas snow clip
  • Why I Like Winter, by Chris Newcomb

    Chris Newcomb's at it again. This time he's captured some of the raw beauty of a fresh snow in the woods of Maine.
  • Believing is Seeing

    The name of this one minute segment of "Thanks for Thinking, with Chris Newcomb" tells it all.
  • Orange/Not Orange

    When is an orange not an orange? when is freedom not freedom? you'll find out in this 1 min segment of "Thanks For thinking With Chris Newcomb".
  • The Bag of Happiness

    This segment of "Thanks For Thinking with Chris Newcomb" will scratch your brains. Based on a Sufi tale.
  • Asking Questions Changes Everything

    A one minute segment of "Thanks for Thinking with Chris Newcomb". Sometimes the question is more important than the answer.
  • Faerie Camp Destiny Barn Raising

    Watch faeries raise their new timberframe kitchen!
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