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Bob Game Trailer

363 views 7 months ago

Henry Zhang & Matthew Trigge

Bob was a game I made to experiment with a - how fast I could make a player ragequit; and b - how innocently I could cover it up. I made the first level in a few hours and shared it to a few people, they enjoyed it so I decided to make another level and another, but I soon realised that each level began to get harder to top and also slower to make. So I decided to stop with five. I am enjoying making this game every second but I can't wait until I am done.
It will be out sometime between Christmas and Late January.

Special Thanks and Game Testers (in order of testing):

Andre, Oli, Andrew, Porkii, Walshey, Gepsnef, Daniel, Mark, Matt S, Oscar, Milan, Will & Tairon Show less
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