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Edu Talk SA: Education Politics and how to support teachers

4,008 views 3 months ago
South Africa is in dire need of skilled teachers according to a report released by the Centre for Development and Enterprise in 2011. The report further illustrates severe issues in the education, experience and management of education professionals, which is partly why South Africa's education system is underperforming, especially in terms of maths and science.

Unisa's College of Education, however, is committed to providing a new calibre of professional teachers and is playing a critical role in addressing the needs of South Africa's schooling system. Currently, Unisa produces over 50% of all the teachers in South Africa. And it is the CEDU's aim is to ensure leadership in order to alleviate the challenges facing schools. Watch Executive Dean at Unisa's College of Education, Professor Kuzvinetsa Dzvimbo, speak to News24's Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath about the corner stone of good education and how to support teachers. Show less
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EduTalk SA: Unisa's online education talk show Play

Edu TalkSA is the University of South Africa's online education talk show in partnership with News24. The objective of Edu Talk is to create multimedia educational content for users in education and give insights about variety of disciplines in teacher education and educational studies. Edu Talk will have video interviews with lecturers from Unisa's College of Education and interrogate the various topics that teachers face in the 21st century.

Unisa Open Play

Over the last five years, Unisa has committed to making sense of the new opportunities and challenges presented by OER. Having lived through many changes to the shape of education, Unisa is no stranger to new forms of thought and we have not simply followed the OER momentum. Rather, as a community we have shown our intent to help sculpt the conversation around OER and to be a vibrant African voice in this process. We have engaged in research to explore some of the questions around OER and made efforts to create tangible opportunities for educators and scholars to benefit from OER.
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