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Andrew Lovgren

Symirroretry Official Trailer

1,491 views 3 months ago
A documentary focused on the connectivity between art and skateboarding. Six distinct artists from vast walks of life, express ideas of individuality, limitation, and knowledge bestowed from a constantly adapting culture. The story of two symmetrical beings controlled by a powerful entity parallel the documentary, helping guide the narrative. Both characters strive to find purpose in life, later to discover mirrors answer their most desired question; What is my love and passion? Each artist shares their journey of becoming, supporting the emotions and feelings of both characters as they fight against conformity. Five entities, all connected. A symbolic juxtaposed experience reflective of fine detail and purpose.

A film by Andrew Lovgren

Greg Hunt (http://huntfilmwork.com)
Chris Mulhern & Chris Fireoved (http://www.castequality.com...)
Paul Fish
Arto Saari (http://www.artosaari.com)
Pontus Alv (http://polarskateco.com/pol...)
Sammy Covert
Grant Puckett
Austin Cosler

Original Music by WANDA GROUP (https://soundcloud.com/wetp...)

Trailer Music Courtesy of Hav Lyfe (https://soundcloud.com/umbr...)

Ariel Footage Courtesy of (http://mammothmedia.tv)

Special Thanks
Jade & Per Lovgren
Kickstarter Pledgers (https://www.kickstarter.com...)
Liquid 9 (http://liquid9.tv)
Stageport KC (http://stageportkc.com)
Jason Cantu (http://www.jasoncantucinema...)

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