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Sorceress' knight

SeeDitsidia Play

SeeDitsidia is a jolly series in nature.
Brace yourself, these videos are edited enough to edit your mind and the way you perceive the world!

eDitsidia is the name of this style of editing. It's hard to imitate thus it is basically me experimenting to learn how to use editing software. In other words, self-study... Yes, this playlist and hence videos is the result of my self-study! And as such thus i'm sure schools would be proud of me if they saw this. No? xD

Video order is organized to befit newcomers to SeeDitsidia.

Click to watch Dissidia cinematic - playlist. ^
Click to watch Dissidia gameplay - playlist. ^

Final Fantasy Cinematiques Play

Dissidia Cycles is an unofficial machinima series of Final Fantasy Dissidia (Duodecim).

These Final Fantasy videos want to help Final Fantasy take over the mainstream attention from the Shooter games. But it all comes down to what you respond. w/o your response this is not going to happen!

Click to watch: SeeDitsidia - playlist ^
These machinimas, movies and cinematiques are serious in nature whereas SeeDitsidias, which are also based of Dissidia, have their own playlist, above..:

SeeDitsidias will be worked on when bored. Machinimas will be worked on when others, like you, want to see next episodes. ;)
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