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System Shock 2 Play

(LP Series is canceled. Sorry about that.)

System Shock 2 is an awesome FPS/RPG by Looking Glass studios from 1999.

This will primarily be videos of me playing through SS2 on Impossible difficulty equipping only the Laser Rapier.

I'm using several graphics/sounds/UI enhancements but nothing that alters gameplay.

Also my first video series and my first experience with recording or editing any sort of digital video.

Mass Effect 2 Play

(LP series is canceled. Sorry about that.)

Mass Effect 2 is an action/RPG by Bioware released in 2010.

This particular channel is showing me doing a Let's Play (or as I prefer to call it, a "Let's Watch") of the PC version. The playthrough is pretty heavily edited to cut out almost all travel time and junk stuff, but I will still be doing as many sidequests as possible and picking as many dialogue options as I can, plus some other side stuff.

I'm playing as an imported Sentinel femShep, on Insanity, picking mostly Renegade options (but not full Renegade because some choices are just stupid. :P).

These are also my first series edited in Premiere Elements 8 and uploaded consistently in 720p!

Misc. Gaming Play

Videos of other games. Games which I only have a single video for, include multiple games, etc.
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