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Learn about the Catalyst Backpack from Ultralight Adventure Equipment ( www.ula-equipment.com/catalyst.asp ).

The Catalyst remains our tried and true workhorse of the ULA Pack line.
In 2011 we swapped new materials for both side pockets and the logo panel. The side pockets are now 210 ripstop nylon which is tougher, lighter, and more snag resistant for any rambling adventure. The logo panel is now Cordura - super durable and abrasive resistant.

If you head out on a National Scenic Trail, the chance of running into someone with a Catalyst on their back is pretty high. As such, the Catalyst is a great choice for multi-month treks, winter travels, or for folks transitioning down from monster packs into lighter loads.

And not tooting our own horns, but we've heard from some of you that you think the new 2011 Catalyst is one sexy piece of trail gear, too.

Bottom Line? An updated-tougher, lighter, and sexier- tried and true veteran for lightweight and long distance hikers.

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ULA Circuit Backpack - Overview with Explainations Play

The Circuit Backpack is an excellent choice for long distance hiking trips as well as overnights or weekend journeys. Circuits have accompanied many hikers on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and many other thru hikes.

Part I - Choosing a Backpack - Introduction and Overview ( 1m 40s )
Part II - Features Explored & Explained ( 5m 41s)
Part III - Water, Water, Water - Staying Hydrated ( 1m 53s)
Part IV - Practical Packing Tips ( 3m 59s)
Part V - Hipbelt & Suspension Discussion ( 3m 2s)
Part VI - Other Uses for ULA Circuit ( 1m 22s)
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