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[ UTAU ] Online Game Addicts Sprechchor - Bobbi Navine (Old cover)

68 views 2 months ago
Sorry for not uploading a video in SO LONG. My laptop killed itself and I've lost everything but the 2 Bobbi VBs that were on 4shared, so I'm just gonna throw this old cover at you because I didn't make a video for it previously.

I was gonna use Sony Vegas for this but it keeps crashing and it won't let me render videos without crashing EVEN MORE ._.

Since I lost everything, I'm gonna be making my VBs again using a new microphone which I'll be getting soon. Expect a better VCV bank because the one used here was the BETA one that I used for like, everything before my laptop crashed its final crash. I'm now going to have all of my new UTAU stuff on my mum's laptop instead.

I hope I can get time to record my new VBs (that is if my parents will socialise with people and leave the house long enough for me to record.)

UST - A mix between EcstasyDark's USTs and some UST that was on Nico Nico Douga.
Bobbi, mixing, VB - Me... sigh. Show less
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