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Biodiversity PSA

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Biodiversity. Our planet's food supply depends on it, but we're losing it fast; 75% in just the past century. Farmers have nurtured the world's biodiversity for over 10,000 years. They can restore it. Help small-scale farmers bring our food system back to life. Learn how at www.usc-canada.org Show less
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Earth Grab: No to a Biomass Economy Play

The world's biggest corporations are rushing to grab and convert living plant matter -- called "biomass" -- into fuel, chemicals, and other profitable products. This new "biomass economy" represents a trillion dollar industry but it will not feed the people or stop climate change. In order to shed light on this new economy, farm leaders from the Global South participated in a public forum to share their reality and propose alternatives.

Presented by Food Secure Canada with: Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Development and Peace, ETC Group, GRAIN, Greenpeace, Inter Pares, National Farmers Union, Peoples Food Policy Project, The Ram's Horn, Union Paysanne, USC Canada.

Main Basse sur la planète Play

De grandes entreprises tentent aujourd'hui de mettre la main sur les matières végétales afin de les convertir en combustibles, en produits chimiques et en énergie. Cette nouvelle «économie de biomasse » représente un marché de plusieurs trillions de dollars, mais ne nourrira pas les populations et aggravera les changements climatiques. Afin de débattre de cet Des paysans engagés décriront leurs réalités et proposeront des alternatives.

Présenté par Sécurité alimentaire Canada en collaboration avec: Développement et Paix, ETC Group, GRAIN, Greenpeace, Inter Pares, Pour une politique alimentaire populaire, Réseau canadien d'action sur les biotechnologies, Syndicat national des fermiers, The Ram's Horn, Union paysanne et USC Canada.

Empires of Food Play

For World Food Day 2010, Evan Fraser, co-author of the new book Empires of Food, spoke to a capacity crowd of about 200 at the Library & Archives Canada, exploring realistic ways to avoid the looming global food disaster.
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