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Distance Class of 2014 graduation highlights

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Maj. Gen. Timothy Kadavy, special assistant to the Vice Chief, National Guard Bureau was the the keynote speaker and addressed the necessity for strategic leaders to be adaptable and flexible.
The Army War College Distance Education program delivers the two-year curriculum both online and in two resident sessions. The Army Reserve has the most students graduating with 156 officers. The Army National Guard is a close second with 149 officers, and 40 active Army officers are also slated to graduate from this program. Diverse perspectives are introduced to seminar discussions by students from other services and federal agencies, such as the Department of State, as well as officers from countries such as Armenia and Latvia. In total, seven Marine Corps officers, three Air Force officers, one Navy officer, eight civilians and six international fellows joined with U.S. Army colleagues throughout the two-year course. Show less
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2013 Army War College Strategy Conference Play

The U.S. Army War College (USAWC) hosted the XXIV Annual Strategy Conference in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on April 9-11, 2013. This year's conference theme, "The Future of American Landpower," extends last year's "Future of U.S. Grand Strategy" insights by exploring American Landpower implications associated with an evolving national security strategy and the future international security environment.
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