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UNU-MERIT Report 2012-2013

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See how our global training events and hundreds of publications made us the leading global innovation institute in 2013. From our work with EU and UN agencies to our seminars in Bolivia, Iran, Malaysia and South Africa, this report covers everything in just over 3 minutes. http://www.merit.unu.edu/re...


This video was produced by UNU-MERIT and T36 Media (concept and animation, http://www.t36.eu/), with the support of the City of Maastricht.

Video transcript:

2012 saw a change of directorship at UNU-MERIT, with Bart Verspagen taking over from Luc Soete, upholding the institute's long-run vision for the economics of innovation and technological change.

Having taken on board the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, we laid the foundations for a double degree programme for the 2013 group of Master's students.
The inflow was around a hundred each year, making this one of the largest Master's programmes in both Maastricht University and the UNU system.

Our 75 staff, 5 interns and 86 PhDs -- representing more than 30 different nationalities -- work together with international organizations such as UNICEF, UNIDO and the World Bank.
The most visible results of these partnerships are major events and research reports.

Together we issued more than 380 publications, including over 145 working papers, 90 journal articles, 25 book chapters, 15 research reports, 10 books and 10 policy briefs. We also held more than 20 PhD defences and won a raft of new projects in competitive procedures...
UNU-MERIT and its School of Governance ran training programmes worldwide. We held conferences and workshops from Bolivia and Chile to Afghanistan and Iran; from South Africa through to Malaysia and Thailand -- to build capacity and a better understanding of how knowledge is created.

In the meantime we showcased our work through blogs, videos and social media.

In 2012 we ranked third amongst the world's top institutes that focus on Innovation, and Technology & Industrial Dynamics, according to the RePEc global rankings. Then in 2013, we leapt forward in the same rankings to become the global... number one.

UNU-MERIT: based in Maastricht, serving the world. Show less
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