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Experiential Learning Center

Internator: 1960's Episode 2

305 views 2 years ago
Imagine the toy that can do it all. Fight, slide, jab and more. More witty than Batman, smoother than Starsky & Hutch, and catches them all. The Experiential Learning Center presents the life-sized action figures that put every other toy to shame: Internator.

Starring (in order of appearance):

Male Internator - Luke Sorge

Male Kid - Jonah Lujan

Student Clubs Group (left to right) - JoAnn McIver, Noah Mittman, Adam Blair, Erika Bopp, George Kotelnikov

Professional Associates Group (left to right) - Erika Bopp, Adam Blair, Noah Mittman

Friends, Family, & Faculty Group (left to right) - Jeremy Arellano, JoAnn McIver, Adam Blair

Narrator - Casey Prey

Director - Hawk Vaccaro

Writer - Casey Prey

Executive Producers - Hawk Vaccaro, Casey Prey, Mai-Quyen Tran, Jeremy Arellano

Director of Photography - Ryan Isenhart

Production Designer - Olivia Pecukonis

Editors - Hawk Vaccaro & Noah Mittman

Costume Designer - Erika Bopp

1st Assistant Director - Sinjin Jones

2nd Assistant Director - Casey Prey

3rd Assistant Director - Aaron Saye

Script Supervisor - JoAnn McIver

Camera Operators - Dylan Blair, George Kotelnikov, Drai Lloyd, Noah Mittman, Luis Miranda, Aaron Saye

Gaffer - Adam Blair

Key Grip - George Kotelnikov

Grips - Cody Hartley, Noah Mittman, Aaron Saye

Boom Operators - Luis Miranda, Aaron Saye, Adam Blair, George Kotelnikov

Slate - Cody Hartley

Make-up Artists - Lindsay Smith & Nikki Smith

Hair Stylists - Nikki Smith & Lindsay Smith

Set Decorator - Olivia Pecukonis

Prop Master - JoAnn McIver

Caterer - Linda Vaccaro

Special Thanks to:

Nate Thompson

Allan Trumpler

Hue Nguyen

NOTE: Internator series is made for non-profit purposes only/viewing pleasure.

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