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MT-Card Setup and Overview Part 1

1,630 views 4 months ago
Well, we've searched and searched for a new flashcard to free us from Gateway's chain of lies, broken promises, and shady dealings and much like Luke Skywalker came to save the Rebellion, MT-Card and it's 1.1 firmware have come to free us 3DS users from Gateway's chains!

Here, in this first part, we introduce you to the MT-Card, update it, clear your system of Gateway's traces and start fresh with a clean system.

SPECIAL THANKS to RealHotStuff.com for sending us the review sample and giving us the blessing to do this for you all!

If you need a new flashcard, such as the MT-Card, and you live in the US, you owe it to yourselves to purchase from them.

Here at TwinFami HQ, we've ordered from them a LOT since 2009 and never had an issue. We will NOT recommend someone or something that is not a benefit to all of you, so having them sponsor this video means that they can be trusted and are the best choice for our subscribers and viewers! Show less
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