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Princess Tutu: The Abridged Trailer

6,028 views 5 years ago
Hey Guys, Remember that "Secret thing" I hyped up in the announcement? Well, This is it!

I present to you Princess Tutu: The Abridged Trailer--The Abridged series reduced into as epic a Minute and Thirty seconds as we could manage.

Oh yes, Credits:
Written By Elf
Edited By Blade
Voices same as usual

We don't own Princess Tutu. This is Not an official Trailer for Princess Tutu. It is a trailer for the Princess Tutu Fan Parody, Princess Tutu Abridged. If you look closely, there are three Abridged-Only Plotlines --Current and Future --which Make an Appearance. (My Hope is that each time one of them is revealed you will go back and this will make much more sense.)

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Princess Tutu Abridged Play

This is a playlist of all our episodes in chronological order. It will be updated to accommodate videos being taken down and/or (re)uploaded.
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