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Trax Cordero

Hall of Fame - The Script Ft. Will I Am (Remix) - Trax Cordero

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No copyright intended on origional song
All rights go to The Script & Will I Am With the chorus and the beat.

Verse Lyrics By: Trax Cordero

[Verse 1] - Trax Cordero -
you could be on top of the world, no weight on your shoulders,
be the king of your life an obeyin your own orders,
you could live it up or you could live the fullest,
you could make it by or you could race a bullett,
you started from the back but now you in the front,
takin every breath like it was your last one,
dont wait for the time to pass on by,
you need to seize the moment and youll be...

[Chorus by The Script & Will I Am]

[Verse 2] - Trax Cordero -
you can sing a song then you can do a show,
you can make it farther than anyonell know,
you can love a loved one you can love yourself,
you can reach the sky without anybodys help,
you can be the best you can live a dream,
you can make a difference you can be the key,
do it for yourself you will succeed,
cause I know the day will come when your...

[Bridge & Chorus by The Script & Will I Am]

[Verse 3] - Trax Cordero -
you can do anything you put your mind to,
acheive the greatest things theyre never to high to,
be all that you want create your own image,
make it to the top success holds no limits,
now this is about you no its not about them,
one step to the front is the first to be ahead,
remember one thing stay true to yourself,
and I gaurentee that one day youll be...

[Chorus by The Script & Will I Am] Show less
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