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Noel Curry

Preparing Live Eels for Lunch at Narita Temple near Tokyo Japan

7,968 views 1 year ago
Live eels (Unagi) being prepared for lunch at Narita Temple on New Years Day 2013. In Japan, eels are considered delicious and are quite expensive. I have eaten them before but they are not my favorite. Watching them being killed and then cleaned and prepared for eating is not for everyone, so Warning: This Video Contains Graphic Images that some Viewers may find disturbing. Of course animals of all kinds are killed everyday for consumption but the public doesnt usually view it. Even the Japanese people seemed to be somewhat mesmerized by the process. I wondered if he eels felt any pain after the initial knife cut behind the head. Show less
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43rd Tokyo Motor (Car) Show, August 21, 2013 Tokyo Big Sight Play

The 43rd Tokyo Motor (Car) Show is being held at Tokyo Big Sight on the island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay, Tokyo Japan from November 23 - December 1. I went for Press Day today, November 21, and it was quite impressive! As you can see, there were many gorgeous objects of interest, and the cars were beautiful too ! The show will be open to the public beginning Saturday, November 23. Their website is http://www.tokyo-motorshow.com/. ID 03617

Supercars and Tokyo Motor Show in Japan Play

Japanese seem to love their Supercars! I see beautiful Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McClarens, Mazeratis.

International Robot Exhibition Tokyo November 2013 Play

The International Robot Exhibition (iREX) is held every 2 years and 2013 marked the 20th anniversary. Robot manufacturers and other industry associates from Japan, a country internationally recognized as the leader in robot technology, all congregated at Tokyo Big Sight On November 6-9, 2013. It was quite amazing to see the latest technology by world leaders in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Moreover, each time we hold an exhibition the number of overseas manufacturers and industry associates grow (No. of overseas exhibitors in 2011: 43 companies/organizations/98 booths), positioning this exhibition as the "Greatest Robot Event" both within Japan and abroad.
International Robot Exhibition ( iREX ) with IROS Exhibition is Wed - Sat.

Music in Japan Play

March 30, 2014. You can thank the jerks at 株式会社Starwave Records for filing a bunch of Copyright Infringements and forcing me to remove all 300+ music videos that I had shot, WITH PERMISSION, at Live Inn Rosa in Ikebukuro, Tokyo over the past few years. Ironically, the band they represent, Magistina Saga, had some of the lowest viewer counts of all the videos in my music play lists. They also represent Rose Noir, a band I interviewed with the singers permission ! Louie, one of the two leads, was super nice and you can still view the interview on my channel. But you can no longer see his music because of the filings. I thought the record labels would actually thank me for helping to promote their band to western audiences, but ... NOOOO . So Im not going to risk my other 2000 videos because of these morons. Too bad they didnt have the balls to complain to me directly and send me a simple email to my channel and talk about it first. Now I have gone from 0 strikes to 2 strikes overnight ! Explain that Google.

All types of music in Japan. Gothic J-Pop, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, you name it

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