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Myron's SUMMER CAMP USA Experience with IEP New Zealand

318 views 7 months ago
For more information please visit:
www.iep.org.nz If you live in New Zealand
www.iep.com.au If you live in Australia

Summer Camp USA - NZ's Highest Paying Summer Camp program

Guaranteed summer camp job or your money back!

If you enjoy working with kids, have a sense of adventure, into sports, love the outdoors and are aged 18-30 years, then the Summer Camp USA program is for you!

Summer Camp USA allows you to work as a camp counsellor in the most challenging and rewarding summer camp jobs you can imagine! As a summer camp counsellor you will spend 8-10 weeks between June and August living with and leading kids in beautiful surroundings. Your job will be to teach summer camp activities and help them have life-changing experiences.

If you are interested check to see if you are eligible for summer camp!

Why choose Summer Camp USA?

Low program fees
HIGHEST camp salaries in NZ! Our Summer Camps pay at least $450 more than our competitors- meaning you get more money to spend on your days off!
We are real people and we like to get personal: Unlike some of our competitors- our Summer Campers are not just numbers to us, we spend quality time to get to know each and every one of you so we can match you up with a camp that best suits your personality, skills and interests to make sure you have the BEST SUMMER EVER!
You DON'T have to make a video to apply- phew!
We have access to 1000's Summer Camps in the USA, this means you won't be disappointed with your placement!
We are experts- our staff have done the camps and are pro's at giving you advice on what to and what not to do when you arrive and they can give you the best first hand advice! We have even written a very handy guide to US Summer Camps that you will be given when you apply.
Everything at camp is FREE- living, food, washing etc, so you can save your pocket money for after camp & your days off!
You get a FREE night in our hostel in New York when you arrive
FREE transfers from the hostel to your Summer Camp
A FREE phone card so you can call home when you arrive in the USA
Discounted airfares with our partners at STA Travel
On the VISA we organise you can travel for 30 days after camp around the States
Our participants love us and they keep coming back year after year for another camp- we must be doing something right!
Discounts on Contiki tours through STA Travel

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