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2014 Trails of Doom Commercial Reddit Version Woodsball Paintball

15,000 views 4 months ago
Crazy First Person Shooter from Trails of Doom! Subscribe for more! Show less
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Sniper Paintball Videos ONE Shot Kills and More! Woodsball Play

Some of the BEST sniper videos on the web, filmed with my custom ZoomCam (a type of scope cam) I invented for Paintball, so YOU can SEE the HITS!!! I use a Tippmann A-5 with an Apex 2 tip, and run Co2 thru a remote coil, and use the roundest smooth shell paintballs I can find! With enough practice, you too can shoot like this! Paintball accuracy consistency testing, real world results.

Woodsball War Games! FPS ZoomCam Outlaw Paintball Full Games Play

So, here are some good games from over the years. So if you like watching tactics unfold on the field you can check out this playlist, full of headshots, capture the flag, snipers, stealth, full camo, outlaw woodsball at Trails of Doom. Trails of Doom is a private paintball field located next to Oxford Ohio, and is invitation only. ZoomCam is a custom creation by Trails of Doom used to film paintball in a way the viewer at home can actually SEE the hits in HD!

Trails of Doom Paintball Inventions! YOU Choose, ZoomCam, MonsterSpin Barrel, BoomCam Play

YOUR CHOICE paintball youtube games, where YOU choose the attack! Filming is fun, and paintball is fun... What makes both more fun? Doing them at the SAME time! I invented the ZoomCam because I was shooting out players at long range, and people couldn't "see" it on video, so I created a way to film paintball where the viewer at home could actually SEE the hits! Then I wanted a way to shoot "flatter" like a real gun... So I took current products, and combined them for the flattest shots in paintball using my MonsterSpin barrel (a Tippmann Flatline with an Empire Apex 2 barrel set at 4 clicks tape modded on the end!) Here are videos that show these creations so you can make your own set!

My Best Paintball Action Videos ZoomCam! Woodsball Fun! Play

Here are some of my favorite (best) paintball videos that I have made. They all feature my ZoomCam so you can SEE the action for yourself. Enjoy! Subscribe, and Like!

Outlaw Scenario Wars Fun backyard Paintball Woodsball Games Play

Ever wanted to play a scenario with your friends, well, here is a playlist showing some of our scenarios at Trails of Doom, a private paintball field in my backyard located near Oxford Ohio! Great times!

Better Accuracy, or consistency with your Paintball Gun! Play

Ever wanted better accuracy with your paintball gun? I was never happy with my accuracy when I started playing. Until I learned just how important PAINT selection is, it is by far the biggest factor in accuracy! Then you need to "Pro Tune" your blowback marker. Of course, I have a video that shows how! The next thing you can do is upgrade your barrel. Personally, I think backspin barrels are incredible (I use one EVERY time I play). But, you can check out this video list to see what you can get just by changing barrels. I am using my Tippmann A-5 with polished internals and silicone O-rings. A remote coil and Co2, are my air sources in all of these videos.
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