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Precious Yeol

[ Unboxing - Infinite 2nd Mini Album Destiny + 2 Posters ]

63 views 11 months ago
At last, my two posters have come in the mail! I've decided to do my unboxing video again since last time was a mess ;; I hope this time you can see the photobook more clearly lol.

Link to instrumental: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

☆ Album : [Digital Single] Destiny
Song Artist : INFINITE (인피니트)
Release Date : 2013.07.16
Genre : Dance

☆ Track List :

01. Destiny
02. Inception
03. 너에게 간다 (I'm Going To You)
04. 엄마 (Mother)

✧ Album Review ✧

Ok, so basically I'm really excited and glad I got my album, but I just didn't show it on camera. All the photos are so perfect and I can't wait for ver. A of the MV to come out. I'm more satisfied with this album then the 2 previous ones I got because the cover is actually a photo of them and not just the infinite design.

As for the photo card, It's so huge haha. The size of it is perfect lol. I really appreciate Woollim for always making the photo cards and posters so large haha.

My favorite song from the album has to be I'm Going To You or Inception. I also like Destiny and Mom as well, but the two other sounds caught on better. / slightly leaning over to inception because Sungjong dancing live is so fabulous and you know it too /

I'm not going to rate it out of stars because I'm a biased Inspirit and I'm always going to give them a 10/5. (:

- All Rights to Woollim Ent. , LOENET, and Infinite. I do not own anything but myself and the album I purchased. Show less
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