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Why we watch, a response to BBC Newsnights "What is Twitch?" feature

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https://www.youtube.com/wat... - Watch the BBC report and judge for yourself whether or not they did a good job.

This video is an attempt to explain Twitch.tv to those who don't understand videogame streaming better than BBC Newsnights feature on the subject, which drew hostility from a great deal of people due to its condescending and misleading approach.

Footage used under Fair Use doctrine for educational purposes. Footage credits are as follows.

Riot Games - League of Legends LCS
ESL - Intel Extreme Masters
Cloud9.SingSing - DOTA 2 stream
The Creatures - Speedrunners charity stream
Valve - The International DOTA2 tournament
Trump - Hearthstone stream footage
Nerdcubed - Watchdogs Stream highlights
XSimpleBlaze - Minecraft Medieval Tower tutorial
Day9TV - Amnesia playthrough
Dyrus - The Worst of Dyrus
Twitch.tv - Hideo Kojima interview
Polaris - Co-optional podcast highlights Show less
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John TotalBiscuit Bain produces the most popular gaming first impression series on Youtube. This is the place to get a longer, more honest look at the games you are interested in buying. This is uncut, unaltered gameplay with live commentary which analyses and critiques the title. WTF is? is like a game demo that's played for you which focuses on giving you all the information you need to make a smart purchase decision.

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