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Pyro Fragvideo - ETF2L S3 Highlights by Tomu

1,514 views 1 year ago
So this is my Season 3 video of ETF2L's Highlander tournament where I participated as a Pyro.

It's been a rough season for WeWantFun and seemed like things just wanted to go against us (Sweden's snow and blown up pc's) but we still performed well in the officials and scrims up to that point.

All footage is taken from Officials/Scrims (Div 4 - Prem) since the season start, I left out about 20 demos because I'm a lazy sonofabitch.

This season I tried a different playstyle of Pyro compared to the boring old pocket or dumbshit roamer. (And have been perfecting it for ~4 months now.) But sadly, it is probably going to come to an end due to busy with my UGC team I lead (Team MeanMode) and real life.

Songs used -

Purity Ring - Fineshrine
Shoot Many Robots OST - Runaway Chainsaw Show less
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