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BIONICLE MOC: Krirak, the Toa of Shadow

634 views 1 year ago

This is a MOC I made in October 2012, and now I wanted to submit it here. It's personally my fav MOC I made.

NAME: Krirak
SPECIES: Shadow Matoran
ALIGNMENT: Brotherhood of Makuta, Sons of the Shadow
OCUPATION: Leader of the Sons of the Shadow special forces, servants of the Brotherhood of Makuta
TITLE(S): Toa of Shadow, The perfect experiment
KANOHI: Hau, Mask of Shielding
WEAPONS: Shadow Scythe
MOC STATUS: Assembled
STORY: Krirak was part of an experiment by Makuta Kudarax to create a "perfect" Toa of Shadow from a Shadow Matoran, being the only survivor, because all the other Matoran died, or their minds were destroyed in the process, and was trained to use the element of Shadow well. Time later, Kudarax formed an special forces group named "Sons of the Shadow", including his best living experiments on it, and Krirak was appointed as the leader of that group. Years later, Kudarax was killed by the Toa Kacia when attempting to accomplish his mission in Kacia, and now, the Sons of the Shadow have to go to Kacia and complete Kudarax's mission once and for all.

Feedback is highly appreciated.

Music: "Festival of Servants" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Show less
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