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Titan Travel UK

An Introduction to Titan Travel

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Imagine holidays that begin and end at your front door wherever you live in the UK. Inspiring holidays that invite you to discover the world's most beautiful and interesting places. Holidays expertly designed with your comfort
and enjoyment as the top priorities.

Holidays accompanied by experienced and friendly tour managers for complete peace of mind. Holidays with other discerning, like-minded British travellers, on which long-lasting friendships are forged.

Holidays with a host of inclusions as standard, offering genuinely unparalleled value for money.

These are Titan holidays - the finest escorted tours and cruises to destinations as diverse as Alaska and Australia, Venice and Vietnam, with a travel company recognised as the very best. Show less
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Signature tours Play

Introducing our 'Signature Tours', a selection of holidays that particularly showcase the Titan philosophy. Some have been popular for decades - original and best introductions to spectacular regions of the world; some are enhanced with superlative hotels and holiday experiences; others feature itineraries of sublime imagination, inspired by the collective cultural memories that make a destination so irresistible to travellers.

USA Play

In its breadth of holiday experiences, the USA stands alone. No other country can boast such a bounty of attractions -- innumerate highlights, cultural and historical, scenic and seasonal, urban and musical, rural and natural, come together like a traditional American patchwork quilt, enticing the traveller to return time and time again.

With more than a quarter of a century of experience in arranging tours to this extraordinary country and the most comprehensive and imaginative portfolio of holidays available, Titan are the USA experts. Join us in exploration of its myriad highlights from California to Cape Cod, the Oregon Trail to the Florida Keys.

Canada Play

Click here to view a selection of tours to Canada www.titantravel.co.uk/north-america/canada.aspx

Canada is a big country, full of unique experiences and places for you to explore - from the Pacific to the Atlantic. In Canada, every season offers distinct experiences. Plan ahead to ensure that you won't miss the breathtaking botanical gardens in Quebec, a trans-Canadian rail adventure from the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls through the heart of the Rockies, or see icebergs afloat off the Atlantic coast in summer. Spring is always a great time to visit, and winter is the ideal time to see the exhilarating Rockies in their winter glory. There are so many things to do on our Canada tours; keep exploring

South America Play

Click here to browse through a selection of escorted tours to South America http://www.titantravel.co.uk/south-america.aspx

South America gives you the opportunity to see the New World for yourself with its myriad of natural, cultural, historical, and architectural attractions. From the condor of the mighty Andes mountain range and the piranha of the sinuous Amazon River to the unique wildlife contained on the Archipelago of the Galapagos and the glorious glaciers of the Beagle Channel, Latin America never fails to impress.

But travel to this unfamiliar 'new world' is often considered somewhat daunting, and that is where Titan Travel comes in. Our Latin America holidays are absolutely perfect for the first time visitor to this amazing continent, taking great care of you, yet still leaving you free to make your own discoveries.

Europe Play

Click here to view a selection of our tours to Europe http://www.titantravel.co.uk/europe.aspx

A true continent of contrasts. A European touring holiday means a ticket to an array of historical, cultural and natural wonders, unique to this varied continent.

The intricate web of Europe's history is evident in its awe-inspiring architecture, influenced by past empires and individual creative brilliance. Discover thriving cities and serene countryside on a coach holiday and treat your eyes to a visual feast from a smorgasbord of natural landscapes whether they are bathed in Mediterranean sunshine or enveloped by Alpine fresh air.

Enjoy majestic mountain ranges or gently undulating hills, tranquil lakes or imposing glaciers. There is something to suit everyone's taste... take a Europe touring holiday - it is on your doorstep!

Australia & New Zealand Play

Click here to view a selection of tours to Australia & New Zealand http://www.titantravel.co.uk/australia-and-new-zealand.aspx

For a taste of the exotic coupled with the familiarity of home, Australia and New Zealand are hard to beat as touring holiday destinations.

These two countries are lands of contrasts, with bustling, cosmopolitan cities found in or near expanses of rainforest, desert and spectacular coastal scenery. Modern and age-old cultures sit side by side in Australia and New Zealand, creating the potential for a holiday that really does have it all.

Book an escorted tour with Titan Travel and we will take you on an unforgettable journey around one of the most fascinating regions in the world, experiencing everything from awe-inspiring natural wonders, exotic wildlife and intriguing historical sites to vibrant urban centres and fantastic food and drink.

Asia Play

Click here to view a selection of our tours to Asia http://www.titantravel.co.uk/asia.aspx

Asia inspires our imagination to create images in distinct contrast to anything that we in the West are accustomed; magnificent temples, diverse cultures and lifestyle, varied cuisine and different landscapes all come together inviting you to experience these countries and turn imagination into reality.

India Play

Click here to view a selection of our tours to India http://www.titantravel.co.uk/india-and-sri-lanka.aspx

India is a country forever steeped in tradition, an exuberant mixture of cultures and religions jostling together.

Africa Play

Click here to view a selection of our tours to Africa http://www.titantravel.co.uk/africa.aspx

The intoxicating countries of South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia conjure up an image of colonial grandeur, unparalleled adventure, elegant style and for most, the anticipation of an exhilarating experience. All with their own distinct characteristics, they share in common the vast expanse of African skies, far reaching horizons and outstanding wildlife. North Africa, including Morocco and Egypt offer an enticing mix of colourful markets, ancient history and beautiful scenery.

This is a continent full of adventure, offering the discerning traveller the chance to discover a world beyond their wildest dreams.
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