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Timmy Grins

Timmy Grins the Artist Play

Starting as the frontman for touring Hip Hop crew Arcane in the early 2000s Timmy Grins has recognized and acted on emerging trends in the business of music and entertainment.

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Timmy's first project, The Elements Party was developed in response to a need for venues that allowed quality Hip Hop performances in Baltimore. The result was a movement creating, award winning monthly event, that is now a staple in the Baltimore Hip Hop community both offline and online.

His next project was, The Code of the Cutz or the Hip Hop area of the Vans Warped Tour. Partnering with DJ Adverse, Timmy was responsible for aligning businesses seeking the audience to whom the stage catered. He developed and implemented, marketing plans for clients like: Kangol, Stanton, iRiver, and Urb Magazine.

Timmy worked with Jonathan "Trenz" Winbush the award winning motion graphics artist to create The BreakDown, the worlds first online hip hop video show.
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