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Tim Haywood

Bamboo Bitches & Voodoo Bells by "The Ding" + various artists

234 views 4 months ago
Bamboo Bitches & Voodoo Bells by "The Ding" + various artists

1. The Chocolate Room
2. Voodoo Bells (featuring Method Man & Shadow Man aka. Redd Pepper)
3. Bad Man
4. Shit Happens
5. Rosemary is Dead
6. Daft Arse
7. Re-punked
8. Devil on their mind
9. Bamboo Bitches (featuring Insane Clown Posse)
10. Trompin (with the Fatback Band)

Thanks to LoonyGoon for the warping of the Amen Break, and Redd Pepper for the voice.

Special thanks to : Elaine Haywood for the photography, and Aneeq Zaman for images, and logo's!

All rights are owned by the respective companies, I do not own the samples contained within this music and it is released for non profit - fun only. Show less
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