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Eizou Hakusho Play

Just what I need to finish my reasearch! BUWAHAHAHA!!!

And since it does not yet appear these have been compiled into a playlist...I'll let it be public for any who have been searching long and hard to see the bonus clips off of Eizou Hakusho! I have it start out with all thier little clips, then Yusuke's dream sequence, then the Dark Tournament ones where Koto tries to interview them before facing team toguro and when they take the picture that you see at the end of the "Sayanora Bye Bye" ending! Enjoy beyond the YuYu Hakusho series! ^o^

The Playlist is now complete with an English fandub for fans who've been DYING to hear this in English :3

Kingdom Hearts: Memoirs of the Mind Play

A collection regarding my KH fanfic, starting with a storyboard-esque game intro idea (even though this story will NEVER be made into a game XD) then an audio reading of the story.

Note that there are conflicts with the story before Birth By Sleep came out, as the plotline was created before it's release.

Read the story at:
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