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DJ Stoa

You Know How I Feel (A Nina Simone Kaoss Pad Remix) DJ Stoa

3,180 views 3 years ago

~"Birds flying high, you know how I feel..."~

Just messin' around with an idea I had using some samples from Nina Simone's Feeling Good... Sort of a tribute to her, and in the second half of the song, a minor tribute to Acen. (and, if you know who Acen is you rock) Nothing fancy, really. Just me, a cuppa tea and my Kaoss Pad. Yay, bedroom dj! Enjoy! Show less
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Born approximately 2200 years ago, as the result of an alchemical experiment gone awry, DJ Stoa persists into present-day Reality, intent on spreading mild levels of annoyance, funk, grief and /facepalmatude. Wielding ancient powers, Stoa casts a pall of Cheese & Lame over the virtual landscapes of the Internets, feeding off of the indignation engendered by his trickery. Ancient tales warn of speaking in the presence of Stoa, for fear that he would sample you and imbed your words out of context into a song, without you express written or verbal consent. Pop-culture, as we see it today, appears to be a fertile environ for Stoa and his musical meanderings, providing rich and plentiful fodder for his wicked machines. Slowly, the weeds and brambles grow and spread, and all across the shapeforme world of the Internet, sighs are heavy, eyes-roll and palms slowly lift to faces.
One of the few shows on YouTube that makes me laugh out loud.

Written, Directed & Starring: DaathStar
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