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Chris Romans

The Last Surrealist - To Kiss My Beloved With Eyes Wide Shut (POST LIFE MUSIC)

195 views 2 weeks ago
This is a track from my full length album POST LIFE MUSIC. It draws inspiration from styles like post rock, soundtrack, and neo-folk. In particular, the band A Silver Mt. Zion lent much influence into the crafting of the lyrics. I couldn't get a "The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes" out of my mind, and was addicted to the hook in the "musicians are cowards" segment of the track. I do believe I was able to re-envision this segment of their song to my own ends detailing my philosophical disposition towards nihilism paired with longing for love in spite of the death of my sister some time ago.


I lament for the deaf and blind
While the mute verbalize behind tired eyes
As he consummates with color
An aesthetic finale and stupor
I am convinced my drug addicted savior
Reigns in victorious sleep!

As she slits her wrists and bellows to the godless
Oh, the godless sit upon vacant gallows
Tying their own nooses and in melancholy sadness
Vie for knives to break their beaks
As they stand at the pinnacle of disease

Growing the graves of humanity
From the preliminary communal seedlings
But you reign victorious!
On an Earth consuming the corpse flowers

Of mothers and brothers,
Sisters and fathers
Musicians and cowards
Musicians and cowards
Musicians and cowards
Musicians and cowards
Musicians and cowards
We all cower at the sight of monsters...

You are like the night sky
On a cloudy day in the midst of the city
Polluted and inaccessible to me
But beautiful as you captivate my dreams
Oh, god have mercy on me
We pray to the vacancy
On our prostrate and broken knees

Breath is stolen from me
As I arrive at your murder scene
Oh, god have mercy on me!
Oh, god have mercy on me!

I can't help but feel nothing
Pure apathy and displacency
This is what death has done to me
This is what death has done to me

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