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Warm Bean

  • its a something

  • Tobacco Ad - Mike Moroney

    Ever notice unexpected things?
  • Sorry for the delay subscribers, the video will be up by tonight!

  • New vid comin saturday night!

  • It feels good makin videos again xD watch out for weekly vids again :P any suggestions?

  • Drawing Do Over- The Joker

    "Batbomb" by Dainumo

    "Drawing Do Over" is a new series I came up with a few days ago. Basically I just redraw a picture I've drawn and posted on here ...
  • Ugh, I wish The Last Airbender was a good movie. Just as good as it's locations and it's music... i can listen to that soundtrack all day.

  • Looking forward to school? Yeah. Making a new video with awesomely average drawings sometime before the 8th? Yeah.

  • Kakashi Drawing (Kakashi Gaiden Version)

    I had a video of me drawing this, but my computer is being crappy right now...
    BTW, I think the Kakashi Gaiden was so cool!
    How about you guys?
    Thanks for watching!
  • How I Draw Dead Pool

    Is it me, or is the idea of the movie "X-Men Origin: Dead Pool" an awesome idea?
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