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Strippin - Highlight Reel #1 (Funny Montage!)

54,091 views 4 days ago
A selection of highlights from my Youtube Videos! Enjoy!

Strippin Sleeping - Dream Team Stream Trailer (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Scratching head – Meet Strippin (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Pouting Sam - Yognews: Steam Os, Indie Statik and 6 Million Sub (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Walking down corridor - The Burger Challenge: AlSmiffy vs Strippin (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Sam & Turps Drinking : Yognews: Steam Os, Indie Statik and 6 Million Sub (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Hardest Game ever... - The Hardest Game in the World (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Taken.. - The Stomping Land: Taken (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Sack Tap – Strippin Saturdays: Crazy Golf Part One (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

'I am Queen Latifa' – Day Z Funny Moments: Queen Latifa (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Dream Team Assemble! - Dream Team Stream Trailer ((https://www.youtube.com/wat...))

8===D – LoadOut: Domination with Dodger (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Devil May Cry Death - Devil May Cry: Mission 17 Going Up! (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Slapping the statue – Strippin Says: Eurogamer Highlights (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Sips and Strippin's Saint's Row Characters – Saints Row IV with Sips #2: Lipstick Tatoos (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Sam and Strippin's cookies – Not on Youtube. Can be found in Yogscast highlight video here (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)
Chicken Slapping – Strippin Saturdays: Crazy Golf Part 2 (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Strippin Chases Turps – Yognews: Steam Os, Indie Statik and 6 Million Subs (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Burger Eating Challenge - The Burger Challenge: AlSmiffy vs Strippin (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Corgis song – Strippin Sings with Hat films (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Mimic attack – Dark Souls #11 - **** you mimic (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Burger Slapping - The Burger Challenge: AlSmiffy vs Strippin ( https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

GTA plane crash - Strippin and Ali A Livestream Highlights #4 (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Minecraft Wildfire – Minecraft Booty Bandits #7: The Booty Cave (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Deadpool gets bored – Deadpool #5: The Cable Guy (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Human Katamari – Human Katamari: Strippin's Got Game Show (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Urban Jedis – Urban Jedis: Strippin's Got Game Show (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

I Saw Jesus – Day Z Funny Moments: I Saw Jesus (https://www.youtube.com/wat...)

Music by Approaching Nirvana
Song: Tommorrow

Edited by: Ryan Horton
Check out his other Yogscast montages here

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