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Sleazy Lizards

Sleazy Lizards live stream - Second Strike! Countdown to Summer! Event & stuff !

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Hey, hey, hey! sL-Stream 2nd Strike!
Where were YOU?! ;)


01. Victory - Doctor Jim says... (Slow-mo)
02. Chat
03. "Song" with Jet & Jim's beautiful voices!
04. The Hand & The Face (Slow-mo)
05. Chat (lyrics on paper?)
06. "In Hell with You (Watch me Drown)"
07. Chat - 18 year old child
08. "Trip" Freestyle! & (we are) droppin' frames!!!
09. "Countdown to Summer" EVENT!
10. She is Marina! (Slow-mo)

Countdown To Summer Event!
READ below for more info or CLICK on the link http://goo.gl/TJeEVb !

Subscribe (sL-Channel): http://goo.gl/5UMlx
Follow the Twittin' Sleazards: http://goo.gl/ictIM

May 31st 2014. DriverFm.gr and Aeriko present a unique Sleazy Lizards experience.

Sleazy Lizards will be interviewed in the presence of live audience and 9 tracks of the band will be performed as part of the "Under the radar Acoustics" sessions.

"Under the Radar Acoustics" are a series of Sleazy Lizards "Hit and Run" ( not announced ) live shows. The announcement of this specific show is a personal invitation sent out from the band to all music lovers. Nine unpublished artworks will accompany the nine tracks in the setlist.

Elisavet K. ( "Eli's Rock" Radio Show ) and Leonidas Soad ( "METAL PASSION" Radio Show) of DriverFm.gr , will host the event in a unique two-hour-collaboration radio broadcast.

At the same time Sleazy Lizards Channel in YouTube will live-stream the event via Google services.

P.S. Just to let you know the main part of the interview will be in Greek, but you are welcome to join & ask all kinds of questions in all kinds of languages!

For your physical presence:

Aeriko, Venizelou Sofokli 2, Dafni, Athens, Greece, tel. 210 976 3155, ( http://goo.gl/RxmMOj )
Near Dafni Metro Station.

For radio listening:

Via DriverFm.gr Internet Radio
Radio Station Website ( http://www.driverfm.gr/ )
Listen Now ( http://goo.gl/ifzK3f )

For the live-stream:

Sleazy Lizards' Channel
( http://www.youtube.com/TheS... )
Direct link to the event: TBA

Be a part of the event, one way or another...

... & Be Part of History In the Makin'

For News & sL-Support click on the followin' links

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http://www.facebook.com/Sle... (Friend Page)
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"Gems, In our Heads" presents... Play

"Gems, In our Heads." on Sleazy Lizards' Channel is a token of appreciation to all those artists that touch our souls many ways through the years.

Little gems of music will be presented from time to time with the hope that you might discover something that escaped your attention or will just enjoy tunes that you already love.

Ladies & gentlemen, wishing you a wonderful time.

Sleazy Lizards roll !
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