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ThePrimeCronus .

10-Hour | Epic Music Mega Mix vol.3

146,245 views 1 month ago
Enjoy the 3000th video. :)

Intro Music:
Peter Gundry - The Prime Cronus

Audiomachine - Legends of Destiny
Immediate Music - Journey To The Front
Two Steps From Hell - Orion
Brand X Music - Into The Abyss
Epic Score - Something to Believe In
Fired Earth Music - The Other World
Future World Music - Promenade
West One Music - Hereafter
Ninja Tracks - Black Mask
Nick Phoenix - Rise Of The Father
Position Music - Aurora Falling
Killer Tracks - One Destiny
Thunderstep Music - Star Nomad
KPM Music - A Hero is Born
Axl Rosenberg Music - Fox Hunter
Audiomachine - Charging the Keep
MythFox - Time to Come
Cavendish Trailers - Games of Power
BrunuhVille - Rise of the Fallen
ADN Compositions - I Will Rise
Arn Andersson - Hope
Ethos Music - Phoenix Rising
Adrian von Ziegler - Fear No Darkness
Epic Score - Gloria Sonus
Florian Bur - Welcome to My World
Hafiz Hais - Journey
Goran Dragaš - Breaking Point
Cristian Onofreiciuc - Awakening
Clarence Yapp - Path to Victory
Clearspeaks Music - Uprising
Audiomachine - Judge and Jury
Brand X Music - Razorblades
Gold Delirium Music - Armada
Cavendish Trailers - Will To Survive
Audio Network - Trail of Destiny
Xiphon Audio - The Fight Will Be Your Own
switch. Trailer Music - Lift the Atmosphere (ft. Juliet Lyons)
Kyueko - A Lion's Heart
Guy-Roger Duvert - One Against All
Crystal Strings - A Hero's Legacy
Axl Rosenberg - Ascendance
Two Steps From Hell - Rebirth
Cavendish Trailers - A Hero Emerges
Ethos Music - Nothing Left To Lose
DYATHON - Doomed To Death
Hundred Days Music - Exodus
Heavy Melody - Falling Horizons
Future World Music - Follow Your Dream
BrunuhVille - Tales of Ice and Blood
Paradox Music - Nomad
ATLAS - Hariesis
DYATHON - Remember Me
Audiomachine - Destination Earth
Clearspeaks Music - The Undefeated
DeVso Music - When All Hope Is Lost
DJ La Mano - Flight of the Dragon
Alexandros Nikolaidis - Extinction
Epic Score - Legends Remembered
Gareth Meek - Zero
Mosaique - Rise Again And Again
Immediate Music - A Life Extraordinary
Guy-Roger Duvert - The Siege of Fort Torental
Fired Earth Music - Divinity
Drew Petersen - Retribution
Crystal Strings - Bloom
Axl Rosenberg - Into The Wild
Cristian Onofreiciuc - Destiny
Gold Delirium Music - This Is My Destiny
Killer Tracks - Battle the Heavens
James Paget - Together As One
Immediate Music - From The Light
Mark Pride - Dragons Rising
Ninja Tracks - Vengenace
Position Music - Reap What We Sow
Phil Rey - Dragon Master
Kyueko - Flames of Hell
György Péter - Battle of Realms
DYATHON - Skyline
Boris Mihajlovic - Glory to the Jaegers
Hundred Days Music - Ring Out
Joachim Heinrich - Resistance
Joachim Heinrich - Revelation
K-FaZa Beats - Light
Nexus3Music - Serenity
Dylan Jones - Tide
TheOfficial Karian - Paragon
Cengizhan Yavuzer - Feel The Power
Ryan Combstock - Love & Beauty
Nexus3music - I'm Fine
Jason Oakland - Emotional
HundredDaysMusic - Warlord
John Boberg - Guardian Watch
Mattia Turzo - Fight of Glory
MPLAY - New Beginning
Ivan Torrent - One Of Us (feat. Julie Elven)
Emid Scores - Confession
Arvenas - Remember The Fallen
Nightcall - Dead V
D&D - Salvation
Asith Perera - Hidden Hope
DYATHON - Dark Knight
Lucas King - Rising
Boris Mihajlovic - New Era (Ft. Alexandre Guiraud)
Iani M.D. - Dreams
ADN Compositions - Primarch
Alexandros Nikolaidis - Gate of Hades
BrunuhVille - Rebirth
Audiomachine - No Return
DeVso Music - Leave Us Alone
DYATHON - Adrift
Kyueko - Bifröst
KPM Music - This Defines You
Future World Music - Touch of Light
Bausic Productions - Endless Adventure
Epic Score - Phantom Pain
RipTide Music - Guardians Of Minaria
Really Slow Motion - Aeorien
Phil Rey - Lion Heart
Paradox Music - Run
Goran Dragaš - Hell is For Heroes
Arn Andersson - Annihilation
Audiomachine - The Future Is Upon Us
Axl Rosenberg - Spiro
Immediate Music - Rise Of The Chosen
Aran Zayne - A Lenged is Born
Adriael - Dynasty Of The Dragon
Aniruddh Immaneni - The Awakening
Arvenas - Serenity
Natanel Arnson - A Hero Will Rise
Nexus3Music - Fiend inside me
Kevin Mantey - Ultraterrestial Forces
K-FaZa Beats - Aliens
Jonathan Mayer - Retaliation
Robert Schroeder - Ararat
Theron Kay - Blizzard
StormSound - It's Time
Instrumental Core - Let There Be Light
Dustin Krizan - March Of Saints
D&D - Giants
Boris Mihajlovic - Run
Alex Pfeffer - Don't Sleep (feat. Amelia Brightman)
Aei - Symphony Of Sadness
Aran Zayne - Orion
DYATHON - Mistakes
Thomas Bergersen - Cry
Thunderstep Music - We Need Him
Tom Evans - It's What We Make Of It...
James Paget - Fly Again
Audiomachine - The End Is Near

Remaining Tracks: http://pastebin.com/D9sZQQcf

Note:- I'm not the creator of this Music or Image, All rights belongs to respective owners. Feel free to Message me if you know the original Image Artist. This video is purely fan-made, it's done for entertainment purposes only. Have Fun!

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